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Food Export

panafrican_traders August 11, 2020

One of the biggest struggles many new exporters experience when starting their
export business is how to find International buyers of Nigerian foodstuff


Another challenge you might experience as a beginner is how you can be able to
start your export business on a small scale without spending huge capital.
Thirdly, you might experience the challenge of getting a reliable logistics/
shipping company that can handle the shipment of your goods from Nigeria to
whatever destination you will be sending products without any custom wahala.
To ensure that you avoid all of the above mentioned problems and still be able to
kick start your profitable export business on a low budget, I have gone ahead to

prepare this ebook with the title How to find Export Buyers.

Table of Content

● Discover how to find International buyers using Facebook, Instagram,
YouTube and Google.
● Discover the fastest approach you can use to start your food export
business today.
● Reliable logistics company that will handle shipment of your products
without stress or wahala from custom agents.

How to Find International Export Buyers

The major buyers of Nigerian food items abroad are usually individuals who may
be caterers or owners of African restaurants or African shops. Therefore as an
exporter of Nigerian food items you should be looking at either selling to
individuals or you are selling to small and medium businesses owned and
managed by fellow Africans.
There are different approaches you can use in order to get the contacts of these
buyers of African food items. To make it easy I’m going to be dropping links of
videos that can guide you through the process of how you can use Google,
Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to reach out to buyers.
How to find International buyers using Google
How to find International buyers using Facebook
How to find International buyers using Instagram

How to find International buyers using Youtube

All-of-the-above strategies I have explained on how you get buyers are free
strategies. If you want to reach out to more buyers faster I will advise you can
use paid Facebook adverts.

I will recommend the social media approach for beginners. Here is what
you do.
Action Plan Step by step
1.) Set up an Instagram and Facebook
2.) Post Nigerian food items
3.) Reach out to prospective individuals/African shops/restaurant
4.) Get the contact of African shop from Google
5.) Send emails to contact you found on Google.
6.) Go-to Facebook… Join FB groups where Nigerians in diaspora are
found. After you have been approved, post your products in such group.
Or…On your own FB page, you can post the products and run paid FB ad

Reliable Logistics Companies that can ship your products without stress

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