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Compact bio  – Ankwetta Beatrice Achaleke  

Beatrice Achaleke Fonya is a proud African woman with over 25 years of global experience. Serial author of 23 books and publisher of GloBUNTU Books, Beatrice is a proud mother of two, a lecturer, transformational public speaker, executive trainer, diversity and inclusion expert, and founder of the GloBUNTU Transformational Mindshift System™. She is a multiple award-winning social transfopreneur with over 18 international awards. Some of her awards include the Global Diversity Innovation Award, DC 2011, Recognition of the Federal Republic of Austria 2009, NAAAHR, Michigan 2018, Difference Makers SA 2018, etc. Beatrice is fluent in 5 languages, including Bangwa, pidgin, English, German and French. She is currently learning Portuguese.

From 1995-2015 she lived in Europe and worked around the globe. She is the founder of many organisations and companies, including Diversity Leadership, the Black Women’s Community, and the International Center for Black Women’s Perspectives and convenor of the First Black European Women Congress, which resulted in the creation of the Black European Women’s Council. In this position, she worked closely with the European Commission and Parliament and its affiliate institutions.

Additionally, Beatrice lectured in several Austrian universities and facilitated diversity and inclusion processes in many European companies and organisations. As a passionate transformational public and TedTalk speaker, Beatrice has spoken at many international and high-ranking forums in Africa, America, and Europe, including the European Parliament and Commission, the UN offices in Geneva, Vienna and New York, and the Austrian Presidency, Harvard University in Boston, etc.

In 2008 Beatrice was the first black woman to stand for parliamentary elections in Austria. In 2010 the award-winning blog “Black Women in Europe “Power List 2010” featured her as one of the most influential black women in Europe.  In 2014 shit happened; she gave a TedTalk, and wrote the book “Follow me To Africa. In an Unspoken Conversation with Nelson Mandela.” In 2015 she radically moved back to the continent to redefine herself. Today she is the author of 23 books and publisher of over 46 books, all about African history and identity.

Her current passion lies in coaching black kids and adults to write and own their own stories and in collecting, documenting, and sharing African inspirational stories, creating content that gives readers a proud seance of their African identity and heritage. Since 2019 she has coached 15 kids and 12 adults to write and have their books published, most of which have been approved for school by the Gauteng Department of Education. 16 of her authors are recipients of the AfriCAN Honouree Awards.

The pandemic found Beatrice in South Africa. During the two and half years of lockdown that followed, she promised herself to learn new skills that would allow her to renovate herself as she comes out of the pandemic. Promised made, promised kept. In May 2022, she relocated to Sao Tome & Principe, where she is working on her next legacy event, “The First Trans-Atlantic Get-Together of the World’s First Female Heads of States and Governments of African Descent, due in March 2023.  

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