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Dionne Jude July 30, 2020

Thank you for making me your accountability coach!

The aim of having an accountability coach is for them to assist you with making progress, so you can get things done and completed.

Everyone has different goals and reasons for working with an accountability coach and hopefully we have already discussed what you would like to achieve.

This is an invite only program, providing you with an opportunity to fast track your plans and success.

There are five key things that are important in our relationship.

Clarity – We both need to be clear on your goals and what you would like to achieve. This will assist us with know what the end goal is and the objectives that we will need to set.

Focus – Once we have clarity we can start to narrow your focus and work on each of the defined elements. This helps with identifying the action steps and with creating your weekly to do list.

Direction – As a business having the right business model is one of the keys to success. Your business venture should not be a hobby, something that you enjoy doing – but not making money from it. Sometimes the business model takes time to develop and it might take a few iterations before you find the right fit.

Action – Taking massive action is the name of the game and I am fully committed to helping you take the steps that are needed to help you grow personally, professionally and in business.

Commitment – It is important that you are committed to the process of getting things done and growing. Nothing will happen if you are not fully committed. If we have not completed a breakthrough session already, please make sure that you book one before our first official accountability call.

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