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Dionne Jude April 30, 2020

Every woman has a superpower,  that one thing that only you can do in the way that we do.  Sometimes we spend our entire life and not discover what our superpower is,  because we are too busy helping someone else to strengthen theirs. 

When you have found your superpower however, it is important to keep practicing so that you could become the best of the best and deliver in a way that only you can deliver. 

Remember also that there are things that you are not great at that would be another women’s superpower.  It is great to share skills with others so that everyone wins.  Collaboration is king.

Everyone has a superpower, which is something that they do well.  This is a skill that you have that you do better than anyone else.

Continue to hone your superpower; find ways to put it to practice,

Remember your strength, might be someone’s weakness, so find people you can share your skills with

Inspired Acton:  

Make a list of tasks that that you may not be very good at doing.  Look around you and look at other women who you can share skills with, reach out to them and get a collaboration going.

Journal Prompt: 

What is your Superpower?

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