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Week 8

Dionne Jude April 30, 2020

If you think that you do not have the time or the money to invest in yourself, this is when you need it the most.  Investing in yourself is the best investment that you could ever make as you are your biggest asset. 

Investing in yourself does not have to be expensive, there are loads of free resources available out there, make YouTube and Google your best friend.  But remember you get what you pay for, so consider levelling up by homing in on your skills that would help you become your best self.

How much time have you spent investing in others?  Investing in yourself requires you to know what you need to learn and find ways to develop your skills and knowledge

There are many online courses and books that are dedicated to personal development, which are free or you can purchase.  There are various priced resources, but the money that you spend is an investment in yourself and your future.

Inspired Action: 

Make a list of skills that you would like to learn.  Do some research on various platforms and get started.

Journal Prompt: 

What are you going to do this week to invest in yourself?

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