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Dionne Jude April 30, 2020

Your life is a journal and that journey needs to be trusted.  Sometimes the road is not straight and you would meet obstacles and make mistakes along the way. 

The key to doing better is to not dwell on the mistakes and to seeing them as life experiences.  Find the lesson that you mistakes were sent to show you and learn from them. 

We all make mistakes, but the key is to not keep making the same mistake, because you are not taking time to grow or say no.

Iyanla Vanzant says ‘you are going to be a fool, you just need to decide how many times you are going to be a fool…’

Hindsight and reflection are our friends; so when you make mistakes put some time aside to think about what you could have done differently.

Inspired Action: 

Spend some quality with yourself, consider if you may have something that you have not forgiven your self for, something that is holding you back from living the life that you deserve.  Write a forgiveness letter to yourself.

Journal Prompt:

Write about a mistake you have made and what you learnt from it.

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