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Dionne Jude April 30, 2020

Having a balanced life goes hand in hand with time management.  You often say that you have no time to do certain things, most times things for yourself because you are too busy saying YES to everyone else. 

It is okay to gain life balance by saying no or I will have to get back to you  without feeling guilty about it.  It is also important to take a frequent look at where you are at in every area of your life so that you keep on top of where you are and what you need to do to ensure that you are in the right track.

Many women who are living busy lives, lack a balanced approach to their work, family life, relationships and well-being.  Having balance can be quite challenging, however, it’s important to do what you can to take time to nurture each area.

Knowing what needs to be developed, starts by conducting an inventory of these areas of life e.g. wheel of life process.  This gives you ideas about what you need to work on or what you are ignoring.

Inspired Action:

Time is as valuable as money, you budget your money, do you budget your time?  Keep a time log for this week, tracking what you are doing every ½ hour.  The results will surprise you!

Journal Prompt:

How do you feel when you say “NO” to someone or something?

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