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Dionne Jude April 30, 2020

Off days are inevitable in your personal and business life.  The challenge is to not allow your off days affect the core of your life or business.  A way that you could deal with this is to ensure that you have a list of tasks that are non negotiable, tasks that needs to be carried out regardless of whether you are having an on or off day. 

It is also important to ask for help and to have a great support network of persons and systems which could be implemented when needed.  Off days are also essential so as to avoid burn out, to take time to recharge and refuel your energy.

Remember to optimise your time on you “on” days and to not be too hard on yourself when you are having an “off” day.

Having down time is important and you should not beat yourself up about it.  Take time off when you need to recharge and refuel.

Everyone has down days when they don’t feel like doing anything.  Beating yourself up for feeling this way, just makes you feel worse.

Rest and relaxation strengthen you for the days when you take massive action

Inspired Action:

Make a list of core non negotiable tasks that needs to be done monthly, weekly and daily to keep all areas of your life moving.  Also have a look at what support system ( people and things) that you could put into place to help on your “off” days.

Journal Prompt:  

How do you feel about having off days?

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