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Dionne Jude April 30, 2020

It is very important to know your goals and desires for every area of your life.  Knowing your goals and desires is the first step towards you getting to that place of success and satisfaction.  

It is also important to know why you have those goals and desires.  Your why should be something power, that if you do not achieve your goals, you or someone close to you would be greatly affected. 

Writing down your why, your goals and your action steps makes them real, and is also a declaration to the world and yourself that you are committed to achieving them.

Know what you want and the reasons why you want them

Set SMART goals, so you have clear outcomes and objectives

Know what success looks like, so you know when you get there

Use this to get focused so you direct your time and energy in the right way

Inspired Action:

Take some time this week to write down your why, 3 goals and your action plan for achieving them.

Journal Prompts: 

1) What is your why?

 2) What are three goals that you would like to achieved in the next 12 weeks?

 3) How would you measure the success of those goals?

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