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Dionne Jude February 24, 2020

One of the great things about self-coaching is that you do not have to share your thoughts or ideas with anyone.  This should allow you to be honest with yourself when answering questions.  This is like being able to pick your nose when no one is looking, enabling you to have a really good dig until you feel everything has been cleared out….eeewww!  We all do it, or least get the urge to, and if we do, it will be when no one is around.  Self-inquiry can be a little bit like this, you are free to dig deep and unearth your truth. By yourself.    

However, it’s possible not to be honest with yourself, especially when you are addressing something uncomfortable, or fear digging too deep and not being able to cope with what comes up.  But lying to yourself,  is a waste of your time, effort and the benefits that self-coaching can bring – keeping you in a place of self-denial.  Being honest with yourself doesn’t mean you have to share what you find with others, but it’s a good idea to record your thoughts and feelings, so you can express them in  a way that is external to you, even though you are not sharing them publicly.

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