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Dionne Jude February 24, 2020

This is one of the most essential parts of self –coaching as there will be questions that you find difficult or things that you might discover about yourself that you don’t like.  

Self-care is a crucial component at this time, as being aware of the different parts and sides of yourself can be difficult to acknowledge and accept.  Rather than focusing on your weaknesses, have a balanced approach by reviewing your strengths as well.  I am not sure someone exists who is good at everything, is always confident, consistently happy and at peace, always saying and doing the right things – sounds like a saint right?

Self Care is important

Thus, appreciating the best in you, while being aware of the things you need to improve helps.  Start by being honest with yourself as this is part of accepting who you believe yourself to be and this helps you to be authentic in your interactions and take actions from a place of integrity.  

Mindfulness and meditation are good ways to practice self-care as they can help you get away from the constant train of thoughts, enabling you to experience stillness and a sense of calm.  

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