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Dionne Jude February 24, 2020

Writing down your thoughts and feelings, can help you to evaluate your inner world, and to see how far you have come.   Sometimes you may record what you believe to be true, but you are yet to put these ideas into practice and that’s okay.  Many people use journalling as a tool to assist with this or you can use  a variety of different technologies.

Writing down goals helps you check how far and how well you have done and can give you encouragement.  You can share your goals and progress with others as they can also offer great help and support.   Staying accountable in this context provides and opportunity for you to own up to your short comings without placing the blame on any one or making excuses for your faults.  It is possible that at some point in your self–coaching process you make mistakes, going off the track, losing focus or discipline, but your ability to understand what happened and being willing to improve makes all the difference. 

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