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Narrowing your circle

Dionne Jude February 24, 2020

Even though you are responsible for making changes in your life, some of the things you want to change about you are related to  the people around you, either in your work place, home or social gatherings.  Challenges may arise if people do not understand that you are changing and some will even try to keep you the way you are because they feel they may lose you or may have to change themselves.   

Your new way of life may not be pleasing to some – perhaps they have known you for a long time and your new way of life seems alien to them.  Keep those people around you who will support you, rather than those who are invested in the old you. 

This doesn’t mean cutting people off, though it might mean spending less time around them and or keeping them at arm’s length, with love of course.  The right support is crucial, and you may have to narrow your circle to allow this to happen or find new and more supportive individuals.

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