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Dionne Jude August 14, 2020

The key to securing 6- and 7- figure dream clients over and over again?  Treat every single client like royalty!  When you do this, your past clients will not only be dying to come back for more, they’ll also rave about you to their (likely, also high-end) friends and colleagues.

Radical results begin with your onboarding process. You’re not just filling out paperwork; you’re getting to know your new client and their needs/goals. You’re explaining exactly what they receive from you in return. You treat them like a member of your family so they don’t feel like a number or like a paycheck. Onboarding is a way to describe the ENTIRE client experience, from that first phone call asking if you’re taking new clients to that final exit interview when they’re leaving because they sold their company for a multimillion-dollar price tag.

Start your onboarding process with a video call to discuss boundaries and expectations.

  • What is the client expecting to receive from you?
  • When are they allowed to contact you and by what method?
  • Schedule the first coaching session and discuss what happens if a session is skipped.
  • Discuss how to reschedule if an emergency comes up.
  • Discuss your client’s main goals and offer a brief summary of how you’ll help her achieve those goals.
  • Discuss the billing process.

Take notes during this onboarding session and send your client a copy for them to reference in the future and to check for any mistakes or misunderstandings. Doing this kind of follow up after every coaching session is extremely helpful so everyone is on the same page.

Now consider how you can hire a dream team of contractors to help your business run smoothly – and impress your high-end clients. A virtual assistant can alleviate a lot of stress by performing administrative tasks. You can forward phone calls to a VA during the day to answer. She can manage your email inbox and send out prepared template messages to clients. She can provide password help to clients who are trying to book a session online. She can manage minor billing problems. All of these tasks are busy work for you but are necessary for your business to maintain a professional image.

Consider keeping a graphic designer and copywriter on standby to help with creating your products. You can hire them on a per project basis and they can work on your product while you continue speaking with prospects and maintaining your coaching schedule.

How exactly do you provide high-end service? You are proactive in contacting your clients. If there’s a billing mistake, for example, you contact them to fix it immediately instead of waiting until they notice it. You answer every call and every email promptly – these are boundaries you should discuss in the onboarding call. You’re not distracted during coaching calls; instead, you listen intently and craft a unique strategy instead of offering a cookie cutter approach that you give to everyone.

And you go that extra mile to support your clients. Sing their praises, attend their events, engage on their social posts. If you can be your clients’ biggest cheerleader, they will remain clients for life.

Exercise: Customer Journey Process

Map out a customer journey from inquiry to testimonial so you are creating a remarkable client experience every step of the way. Also decide here if during the process you are going to provide any perks (gifts, etc) – when, from where, etc.

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