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Dionne Jude August 14, 2020

Despite their financial ability to pay nearly any price for coaching, high-end clients don’t want just any old thing you’re offering. These are pickier people who have already been through “trial and error” phases with their business; they are ready to pay for solid advice and experiences. They want solutions, not dozens of freebies they won’t use. They want to skip ahead to using proven methods rather than experimenting and “seeing what happens”.

High-end clients are less likely to look for quick fixes and more likely to want to invest in experiences and high-quality products. You can’t just slap a high price tag on any old offer and expect to watch the cash roll in.

In these following exercises, you’re going to list out all of your products, programs, and services, all their features plus their price points. Then look at each one as objectively as possible and determine if your ideal high-end client would purchase any of them.

Analyze whether these items are too elementary for their level of business. Is there anything new and improved about your offerings or is it the same material from when you published it 5 years ago?

When looking at your offers, it’s not enough to just raise the price. You need the full analysis to determine what will appeal to high-end clients and what will make you STAND OUT from the crowd. We’ll talk more about pricing in the next section but for now, make note of your current prices and whether people are buying at this price point.

Let’s be clear: I am NOT telling you to dump your current lineup of offers! If you have clients who are purchasing them, congratulations! Those clients will work themselves up to a higher income level and will be ready for a more advanced offer, so creating one now is a smart move.

This new offer will serve double duty: You’ll offer it to your current clients as they “graduate” through your other programs, but it will also appeal to those high-end clients you want to attract NOW. Premium pricing + superior service = high-end clients.

Lastly, it’s time to think outside the box when it comes to creating offers, especially for high-end clients. Have you ever hosted a live event? A VIP day? A VIP tropical retreat? A mastermind group? Let your mind go wild with ideas but don’t talk yourself out of pursuing them because of a lack of knowledge. All it takes is a Google search to find the experts you need to assist with event planning.

Exercise: Offer Magnification

It’s time to put each offer under a microscope! It’s time to get SUPER clear on the core outcomes/benefits of the offers–and making sure they are meeting your clients’ needs in a unique way.

Analyze each of your products and services to decide if it’s worth keeping, needs updating, or needs to retire. Also think about what perks you can offer these high-end VIP clients that will make them sign a contract.

Brainstorm brand new product ideas with this worksheet, too!

Also, feel free to copy these exercise tables or print out extras, depending on how many products/programs you have available.

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