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Dionne Jude April 17, 2020

Digital coaching is increasing in popularity to enable coaches to help more people. Coaching no longer needs to take place face-to-face, but can happen online and through the use of our mobile devices.

Times are changing and coaches are thinking about how to create a consistent income and how to engage with users using virtual channels.

All coaches have models and strategies to get the results they desire, which can be used when digital coaching. The ideas outlined in this mini-course assist users with delivering short, yet effective coaching sessions, using live chat. Live chat is a form of messaging, which uses a specific platform, to enable coaches to text and communicate.

Our 4-part model is easy to follow and can be delivered within a short space of time. I have provided you with the structure, questions and strategies you need to become a great digital coach.

Before you start to coach think about the following:

  1. What type of coaching will you be delivering?
  2. Who is your target audience?
  3. What challenges are your target audience facing?
  4. Do you have an appropriate profile, that outlines your skills and experience?
  5. Have you outlined how you can help them and what they can expect to get out of coaching with you?

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