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Increasing self confidence

Dionne Jude February 24, 2020

Self-awareness can help to raise our confidence as we start to feel more self-assured and discover what works for us.  It may not be that we become immediately confident in all things, however, it helps you understand what makes us feel the way we do when we do.    

Self-coaching can build confidence through…

-knowing what you are good at and ways to continue to develop your strengths

-assessing whether you are having enough opportunities to put your strengths into practice or not

-mapping your journey of how you developed your strengths and how to share this with others who may not be as far as you are right now

-assess your talents, gifts and purpose, that can be your unique contribution to the world

-finding and developing your superpower – that thing that can make you standout or make you indispensable in your field

-using questions and tools to tease out your weaknesses and areas that you need to improve and work on

-developing a plan to overcome weaknesses or to find ways to get help or partner with others for whom your weakness is a strength

-thinking about ways to step out of your comfort zone as you explore what scares you and develop the courage to assist you with moving forward

-establish the root cause of fear and see it’s often irrational and caused by false perception.

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