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How will the accountability group help me?

Dionne Jude April 30, 2020

The group focuses on four key strategies to assist you with getting the best out of the next 6 months.


We will work together to discover what the unconscious drivers and limiting beliefs are shaping your life. During your first coaching session using NLP and timeline therapy techniques, we will explore the root cause and positive intentions behind your thoughts and feelings. This session will help us to identify, your I-Statement, an underlying affirmation, that either assists or restricts your growth.


Brief exploration of your mindset, thoughts and feelings and the impact they have had on you. Mapping your timeline and develop appropriate goals to help you achieve your potential.

During this time it is possible to start to explore and unlock generational experiences that have affected you, which may not have been your own, but have trickled into your life from those around you.

Move Beyond

Once you set goals, we will work together to support each other along the way. There will be a group forum and other tools that will help you with getting results.

Sustaining momentum is important and we will work as an accountability group to achieve this.

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