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Heather’s Story

Dionne Jude February 24, 2020

Heather had a fear of travelling on subway underground trains.  She felt claustrophobic and feared that if something happened and she got stuck she would not know what to do.  She had only travelled on the subway once, which was a good journey with her sister, but along the way she started to worry about what could go wrong and even worse if she was by herself.  As a result, Heather did not travel on the subway for over 6 years, missing out on events and family gatherings in the heart of the city.  

Heather used self-coaching to overcome this fear, asking herself – what is it that I am really scared of?  The answer did not present itself straight away, but over time Heather realised she did not really have a fear of the subway, but a fear of being left alone to cope by herself and the subway symbolised that fear.  In her everyday life she was in a happy marriage, yet depended on her husband heavily, often fearing that if he was not there that she would not be able to cope and would be stuck.  Heather felt enlightened and gave it try.  She took the underground just two stops to see a friend who was waiting at the other end on the first day, a trip that was successful as she did not see her journey in the same way as before.

What can you learn from Heather’s story?

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