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Gratitude and happiness

Dionne Jude February 24, 2020

Most people regardless of what they are going through can find something to be grateful for.  It could simply be the fact that you are breathing and can have the breath of life right now.  Asking yourself what you are grateful for is a good way to appreciate yourself and others, it helps to focus on the positive things that exist in your life, also some believe that what you express your gratitude for increases. 

Happiness is your responsibility; you choose what makes you happy and what does not.  This process has developed over your life-time and is wholly unconscious, so even though it does not seem that you have a choice you do.  One of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself is the ability to choose how you feel.  Some  refer to this as detachment, but choosing how you want to feel often does not happen straight away, so if you are feeling upset about something – feel the emotions, knowing that is not a emotion that you want to feel long term, as you know you can and want to feel better. 

It’s rare that someone feels happiness all of the time, however, using self-inquiry to become aware of what you allow to take you away from your happy place is a good way to be vigilant.  You can also decide that certain things that once made you feel unhappy no longer do, by checking in with your perceptions.  


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