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Day 9 – Task

Dionne Jude March 6, 2020

Use the Know & Grow Goal Analysis Process (GAP) tool to assist you with identifying, exploring and evaluating your goals and the actions required to assist you with achieving your desired outcomes.

The Benefits

  • Identify which areas of life you need to pay more or the most attention to
  • Get a good idea about how much time or effort you are putting into improving an area of life
  • Prioritise what is most important and gain an overview of the actions you need to take to ensure you can make progress
  • Outline your goals and assess how well you are doing over a set period
  • List the actions that you feel will be beneficial to your progress
  • Evaluate how pro-active you are in relation to your goals, motivating you to do more where necessary
  • Map your progress towards what you would like to achieve
  • Review and change your goal to enable you to make better progress if required

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