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Day 1 – Self-Coaching Challenge

Dionne Jude March 4, 2020


  1. Complete the task or question for each day
  2. Complete a daily journal entry for each day
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What is self-coaching?

Self–coaching is a self-help and personal development process.  It’s something that happens consciously or unconsciously, when we ask ourselves thought-provoking questions, or when we use tools and exercises to achieve a specific aim.   It can be something that compliments receiving support from a coach or can be an alternative altogether. One of the main aims is to directly or indirectly increase self-awareness, with the purpose of living a happier, healthy, abundant and a more peaceful life.

Self-inquiry is an internal process that encourages us to look within ourselves for answers and solutions, a  process through which we can increase knowledge of self.   Many people choose to embark on this journey, when life throws a curve ball at them; when things are not going well or when they feel there is something in the way of them making progress.

As simple as it may sound, there are many professionals that have spent years developing techniques, strategies and a range of modalities to assist with self-inquiry, whether guided by a professional or to be utilised alone.  However, self-coaching can be as easy as asking ourselves questions and does not need to be complicated, yet, there are strategies (with questions included) that help us to dig deep, uncovering things and parts of ourselves that we may not be consciously aware of. 

“It’s not the answers that enlighten us, but the questions.” Descouvertes

Complete a daily journal entry

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