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Better Relationships

Dionne Jude February 24, 2020

Creating and maintaining healthy relationships takes conscious effort and reflection, whether at work, in business, with family, in a loving partnership, friendship etc. This can sometimes become a challenge because each individual has their own experiences, baggage and perceptions.  Self –coaching provides an opportunity for each of us to reflect our contributions to all our relationships. 

This is a useful process because in any situation where two or more people come together there is always room to see things differently, causing misunderstandings.  Having an insight into how you act and respond in situations and your relationships enables you to be a good partner, friend, co-worker, boss, parent etc.  As in each and every one of your relationships you are the common denominator and time spent reflecting on your contributions is time well spent.

Self-coaching can help you to reflect on…

-how you communicate with others and the results of that communication

-provides an opportunity to review your contribution to situations, to see if you could have done anything differently

-can teach you that you are responsible for how you respond to other people and how you let them affect your inner peace

-encourages you to place less expectation on others to change, and that change starts with you

-review whether the relationship is a healthy one

-decide on your standards, expectations and values – see if they match up others

-reflect on arguments and consider at what point things could have been different on your part

-develop empathy, placing yourself in someone’s shoes to gain a different perspective

-assess your level of happiness and satisfaction

-evaluate how much you are giving and receiving

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