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Be prepared to ask difficult questions

Dionne Jude February 24, 2020

Keep asking questions and don’t take the first response.  Self-coaching is not just about asking difficult questions.  It’s about asking deep and thought-provoking one’s to assist you with increasing yourself awareness.  These can be questions as simple as ‘what am I good at?’ to ‘what is my life’s purpose?’.  The questions need to be deep enough to encourage you to go searching on the inside, to uncover your truth and to get you thinking. 

Sometimes you might need help with finding this type of question and there are lots on the overstandyou.com website (shameless plug.)  You will know when the question feels difficult as you are likely to experience some discomfort or negative emotion when you hear or view it. This might lead to resistance and not wanting to answer it, so be aware of how a question makes you feel and if it’s uncomfortable maybe it’s the right question for you. 

Also, be mindful of saying you don’t know the answer.  Even if you feel you don’t know, develop an answer as if it was the truth and work the kinks out of it until the answer fully resonates with you.  Dedication is important as it’s very easy to give up when self-coaching because no one is watching.

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