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An action plan with timing

Dionne Jude February 24, 2020

When self-coaching there are things you discover you would like to improve, change or make progress with.  It’s a good idea to create an action plan, which serves as a strategy to help you know what you are aiming for and the steps that will help you get there. 

You can choose to self-coach for a specific reason or project, for which you can set yourself a time limit. Adding a time limit and deadlines to your objectives makes it a project and as such, you will be compelled to put in more work where needed to achieve the desired goal within the allotted period of time.  

Alternatively, you can make self-inquiry part of your everyday life, something that you do to check in, and reflect, motivating you to be the best you can be.  It should never feel like a chore and having action steps that help keep you accountable can help you to see if you are making progress and how much.

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