The ABC of Business for young Africans: Coming Soon

The ABC of Business for young Africans is designed to give an overview of a start-up business preparation for Africans who live in the UK. The contents are formed in a simple-to-understand language and care has been taken to avoid as much jargon as possible. The course begins by addressing Attitude, which the course author believes is the most important element to help an entrepreneur launch a business successfully. ATTITUDE

  1. Attitude to life
  2. Attitude to others
  3. Attitude towards self
  4. Attitude to business

  BUSINESS The second topic covered is "Business". Various misconceptions on business are addressed from an African perspective as well as from the wider UK business population. A basic understanding on Finance, Accounting and Management is provided to help the entrepreneur gain the necessary tools to equip with so that the launch of the business and/or its operation and management are successful. Here we define what a success is.

  1. What is Business?
  2. What is Money and how do I get it?
  3.  What is the difference between Finance and Accounting?
  4. What is Success, and how do I avoid Failure?
  5. Launching a Business - it's not hard at all.
  6. Running a Business - don't try it if you're lazy.
  7. Generating a Profit - not for the faint-hearted.

  CULTURE The Business world has its own culture. It has its own language, called Marketing. You will need to do your research on who your competitors are, what segmentation you use and who you're targeting. You'll need to work on your pricing, promotion and sales. The more you study, the better, however the best teacher is experience. So start small and grow with your business.

1. A is for Attitude

2. B is Business

3. C is Culture

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