Panafrican Traders Course

This is an all in one course for those of you that are looking to become an agribusiness entrepreneur or an import/export broker. This course is focused on African business people both on the continent and abroad. We will be using Nigeria as a case study but most of the knowledge can be applied to any other country in Africa.

This course is very useful for those that:

  • Just starting out and haven't decided what product to sell
  • Have a product on the ground but need to find buyers
  • Would like to learn about agribusiness
  • Looking for an ideal market for their product
  • Would like to become an import/export broker

Check out the course today and learn what you can!

panafrican_traders · July 10, 2020

The first agribusiness and exporter course specifically created for Panafrican Traders. This course was created by the Panafrican Traders company. ( Follow us on instagram @panafrican_traders.

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Course Includes

  • 16 Lessons
  • 13 Topics