LIVE: Love? My Product – Product Management Training

TheAgileBeehive · January 6, 2021

Tutoring & Coaching for ‘Love?  My Product’ LMP Training to develop an understanding and the experience required to fulfil needs of your customers. Who is LMP for:

  • Product Managers, Product Owners, or Producers
  • Anyone else on your team motivated by creating products your customers love (inc. User Experience Practitioners, Engineers and Testers)
  • Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches, and Project Managers
  • Business Leaders, Business Owners 


Why take this training and what you should be able to achieve after Love?  My Product?

  1. Learn how to structure a Holistic Product, and Effective Collaboration Skills that help build shared understanding
  2. Learn to use product approaches -Lean UX, Opportunity Canvas…
  3. Characterise users and their needs
  4. Explore User Story Mapping
  5. Develop collaborative ideation approaches using the Design Studio practice
  6. Identify a Release Strategy built from small viable releases
  7. Validate product solutions using MVP Tests
  8. Reduce the risk of late delivery
  9. Learn how to use Story-Driven Development throughout your process
  10. Keep discovery work visible in Scrum
  11. Balance continuous discovery and development

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