Create a Coaching Program

Dionne Jude · June 11, 2020

Are you thinking of creating a coaching program for your clients that can offer lots of value, while increasing your income?

Most coaches offer coaching on an hourly basis, which can be a one-off session or as a range of sessions over a set amount of weeks or months.

Creating your own unique coaching program can assist you with continuing this great work, reaching more clients, adding lots of value and charging a higher price. This is great if you have own methodology and a unique process that helps your clients achieve their goals or aim.

Selling time by the hour or by the month can be challenging as it can lead you to keep having to look for clients, takes up a lot of time, can command lower fees and is becoming outdated.

Why selling results is a good idea?

  • Clients are paying you to achieve a result
  • Sell and promote with confidence – showcase your transformational results
  • Attract more of the right type of client
  • Helps them focus on the impact of the work and what it takes to produce results
  • Helps them be more invested in making a contribution
  • Helps to have a clear timeline, that they can agree to work with
  • Removes the connection to your worth or value as a professional
  • You can tailor the package to the results they tell you they need
  • Easier to set and reach targets and goals

The main reason for packing your services is keeping the client focused on the outcome and the value they will be able to get out of spending time working with you.


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