• 25 Lessons

    25 Mindset Hacks in 5 Steps

    Your mind is the most powerful resource that you have and taking time to develop and improve how you think, feel and act will help…
  • 31 Lessons

    30 Day Calm & Confident Challenge

    <p>Over the Next 30 days Quieten Your Mind and Emotions to Help You Manage Your Days More Effectively</p>
  • 19 Lessons

    Agribusiness in Africa 101

    This is the #1 course for potential entrepreneurs and investors looking to get into agribusiness in Africa. We use Nigeria as a case study for…
  • 7 Lessons

    Create a Coaching Program

    Are you thinking of creating a coaching program for your clients that can offer lots of value, while increasing your income? Most coaches offer coaching…
  • 19 Lessons

    Create Your Life – Vision Board Training

    You Can’t Create a Dream You Can’t Envision Ask top athletes what sets them apart from the average, and they won’t tell you it’s talent…
  • 2 Lessons

    Fast Track Mentoring

    Invite only group by Dionne Jude
  • 11 Lessons

    How to Create an Online Course

    Key tips to assist you with thinking about what you need to consider when creating an online course.  
  • 21 Lessons

    How to Export from Nigeria

    <p>We help you export from Nigeria! If you have any questions about this course, please do not hesitate to send us an email to</p>
  • 3 Lessons

    How to upload a course to Afriverse

    <p>This course goes into detail on how to sign in, create course page and lots more! </p>
  • 17 Lessons

    Igbo Conversation Course (Anambra dialect)

    <p>Learn how to speak Igbo, connect more and feel grounded</p> <p> </p>
  • 25 Lessons

    Journaling for Success and to Get Ahead

    <p>The words that we speak and write down can be very powerful.  This course will help you discover how to use the power of the written word to transform your chosen areas of life, from your friendships to career.  You’ll receive step-by-step guidance in each lesson, plus specific journaling prompts you can use right away. You can work on one category at a time before moving onto the next–or use several prompts from the course to create your own customized journaling routine.  In addition, you’ll receive a lesson-specific workbook to help you explore how to make journaling work for you, with lots of room for notes and checklists.</p>
  • 4 Lessons

    Let’s Be Mindful – How To Have Peace, Purpose And Lasting Happiness

    <p>This is a course based around Mindfulness which is the art of paying attention and listening to your heart. Rather than disconnecting from the world, mindfulness can help you to enjoy life more peacefully and effectively. Overall it can improve your health and wellbeing.</p>
  • 0 Lessons

    LIVE: Agile Fundamentals Interactive Virtual Training

    This training is for practitioners and business owners to understand key ways to organise your self and business to drive value to your customers through…
  • 0 Lessons

    LIVE: Love? My Product – Product Management Training

    Tutoring & Coaching for ‘Love?  My Product’ LMP Training to develop an understanding and the experience required to fulfil needs of your customers. Who is…
  • 0 Lessons

    LIVE: Scrum Interactive Training

    Tutoring & Classroom Training – Develop understanding of Scrum – Professional Scrum Master (no entry requirements). Who for: Anyone involved in product delivery using the…
  • 25 Lessons

    Swahili for Beginners

    <h2 class="udlite-heading-xl what-you-will-learn--title--hropy">What you'll learn</h2> <div class="what-you-will-learn--content-spacing--3btHJ"> <ul class="udlite-block-list what-you-will-learn--objectives-list--2cWZN"> <li> <div class="udlite-block-list-item udlite-block-list-item-small udlite-block-list-item-tight udlite-block-list-item-neutral udlite-text-sm" data-purpose="objective"><span class="udlite-block-list-item-content"><span class="what-you-will-learn--objective-item--ECarc">How to read, speak, and write basic Swahili.</span></span></div> </li> <li> <div class="udlite-block-list-item udlite-block-list-item-small udlite-block-list-item-tight udlite-block-list-item-neutral udlite-text-sm" data-purpose="objective"><span class="udlite-block-list-item-content"><span class="what-you-will-learn--objective-item--ECarc">Bonus classes will include some Swahili expressions.</span></span></div> </li> </ul> </div>
  • 0 Lessons

    The ABC of Business for young Africans: Coming Soon

    <p>The ABC of Business for young Africans is designed to give an overview of a start-up business preparation for Africans who live in the UK. The contents are formed in a simple-to-understand language and care has been taken to avoid as much jargon as possible. The course begins by addressing Attitude, which the course author believes is the most important element to help an entrepreneur launch a business successfully. <span style="text-decoration: underline;"><strong>ATTITUDE</strong></span></p> <ol> <li>Attitude to life</li> <li>Attitude to others</li> <li>Attitude towards self</li> <li>Attitude to business</li> </ol> <p>  <span style="text-decoration: underline;"><strong>BUSINESS</strong></span> The second topic covered is "Business". Various misconceptions on business are addressed from an African perspective as well as from the wider UK business population. A basic understanding on Finance, Accounting and Management is provided to help the entrepreneur gain the necessary tools to equip with so that the launch of the business and/or its operation and management are successful. Here we define what a success is.</p> <ol> <li>What is Business?</li> <li>What is Money and how do I get it?</li> <li> What is the difference between Finance and Accounting?</li> <li>What is Success, and how do I avoid Failure?</li> <li>Launching a Business - it's not hard at all.</li> <li>Running a Business - don't try it if you're lazy.</li> <li>Generating a Profit - not for the faint-hearted.</li> </ol> <p>  <span style="text-decoration: underline;"><strong>CULTURE</strong></span> The Business world has its own culture. It has its own language, called Marketing. You will need to do your research on who your competitors are, what segmentation you use and who you're targeting. You'll need to work on your pricing, promotion and sales. The more you study, the better, however the best teacher is experience. So start small and grow with your business.</p>
  • 25 Lessons

    The Master Key System Course

    Nature compels us all to move through life. We could not remain stationary however much we wished. Every right-thinking person wants not merely to move…
  • 0 Lessons

    Vegan West African Cookery Course

    <p>Get your tickets here!</p>