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Knowledge is Power. That is why we are bringing the power back to Africa.

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Of all regions, sub-Saharan Africa has the highest rates of education exclusion. Over one-fifth of children between the ages of about 6 and 11 are out of school, followed by one-third of youth between the ages of about 12 and 14. According to UIS data, almost 60% of youth between the ages of about 15 and 17 are not in school.  Combine this with the fact that the African continent has the youngest population, it becomes apparent that education in Africa has never been more important.

On the other hand, mobile penetration in Africa is at an all time high. Ghana has an 80% ownership rate, and Senegal follows closely behind with a 79% ownership rate, with 34% of adults owning a smartphone and 46% of adults owning a standard smartphone. 

Thus Afriverse was born to democratize access to quality and affordable education on a Panafrican scale. The vision is, very soon anyone with access to the internet will also have access to the best education tailored to their needs.

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The Team

Malobi Ogbechie heads up the commercial and instructor relations side of the team. He has over 6 years experience in Business Development for some of London's fastest growing companies in the market research space. Not long after that he decided to become an entrepreneur and so far has launched two sucessful businesses: Malobi's Ltd and Zona Naturals LLC. The former a plant based food and drink company and the latter a CBD and natural supplement company.
Now he is dedicating his time to achieve his childhood dream of building an afro-centric school with Afriverse.
Malobi Ogbechie
Dionne's purpose is to assist individuals with achieving their true potential by using their internal resources. She has a passion for personal development, entrepreneurship and education. After doing some life changing research in the US, Dionne was able to achieve success as a senior leader. Dionne is the CEO of the Solid foundations Education Group and is the serial founder of Overstand You, self-coaching platform, One Link Up and the PACE Mentor mentoring for young people. As a passionate edtech founder, she saw the need for a solution like afriverse to change society for the better.
Dionne Jude
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